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BitFinding helps investors, enthusiasts and hodlers to keep their Bitcoin, Ethereum and other assets invested in intuitively customized crypto index funds.

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Diversify your Portfolio

Select from a list of Crypto Index Fund like the Top 10 by Market Cap. BitFinding automates the trades saving you time.

Rebalance automatically

Chose a desired rebalancing period anywhere from once per month to every day. BitFinding will keep your portfolio on track 24/7.

Reinvest your earnings

BitFinding does not take a percentage fee. Pay a small flat monthly rate and let your earnings compound.

Manage risk

Easily manage all of your funds spread out across different exchanges. Change to stable coins or disable rebalancing with a click.

Advanced automated trading made simple.

Never again worry about keeping up with the market trends. BitFinding's crypto index funds are created using data-driven methods analyzing the market daily so you can invest with confidence.

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World Class Investment Platform.

In three easy steps you can connect your Crypto Exchange and start diversifying your portfolio.
BitFinding has been designed from the ground up to provide the easiest platform to use, combining a modern design with the best traditional practices.

connect crypto exchange screen

From your exchange, generate a trading API key and add it to BitFinding

configure trading account screen

Configure your account selecting the crypto index funds that match your investment interests

data visualization screen

Track the changes in your portfolio through BitFinding

What is a Crypto Exchange?

A crypto exchange is a marketplace where coins, tokens and other digital instruments are traded. The core function of a crypto exchange is to ensure fair and orderly trading for any coin or token trading on that exchange.
Exchanges also provide APIs for third-party services like BitFinding so they can trade on behalf of the user.

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BitFinding and Binance connection representation


example of crypto index fund distribution
BTC: 52%
ETH: 23%
XRP: 11%
BCH: 10%
LTC: 4%

What is a Crypto Index Fund?

A crypto index fund is designed to follow certain preset rules so that the fund can track a specified basket of underlying investments. Those rules may include tracking prominent features like market cap and growth or implementation rules, such as industry, mining technology or token specialization.
These funds are the preferred among traditional investors and follow their benchmark index no matter what the state of the markets is.

Your Funds are Safe

BitFinding runs using state of the art security practices. Even if a breach happens, the exchange credentials are kept encrypted in a different system.


All our services are audited monthly and are being scanned for security vulnerabilities and breaches 24/7.


BitFinding has been providing index funds services to private clients since 2017 before opening to the public.

API Based

We don't store your private keys. Instead, BitFinding connects to the exchange that holds your funds to rebalance your account.

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Simply pricing

Start with the basic account, upgrade when you need more features.


$9 /month
  • 1 exchange connection
  • 3 index funds available
  • Support
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$29 /month
  • 3 exchange connections
  • All index funds available
  • Adjustable rebalancing
  • Support
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Account Manager

From $149 /month
  • 20 exchange connections
  • All index funds available
  • $5/extra trading account
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Frequently asked questions

BitFinding started in a closed group of machine learning enthusiasts who were trying a big spectrum of risk strategies in cryptocurrency markets.

Is it safe to use Bitfinding?

Yes, you only provide us with a trading API key for the exchange you use. It means that you have to trust your exchange and not us, we cannot widthaw money with the API key.

Can I widthraw the money at any time?

Yes, the funds are in the exchange you chose and you can extract them whenever you want through the exchange's website.

Why use BitFinding?

Our algorithms are backtested against data we have been collecting since 2013 from the biggest exchanges and our trusted third party providers.

What are the investment risks?

As every investing opportunity, it has its risks. Cryptocurrencies are a volatile market so it is a high risk/high reward market. We have available options to minimize loses during bear market trends.

How much money can I invest?

There is no upper nor lower investing limit. You can configure how much of the money you want invested and how.

Why is BitFinding cheaper than others?

We rely in automated trading algorithms to manage the accounts of our clients. This helps reducing the manual work and transferring the savings to our clients.