Crypto index trackers

Invest smarter with BitFinding

BitFinding helps investors, enthusiasts and hodlers to keep their Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocoins invested in intuitively customized index funds.

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How It Works?

Bringing proven and tested strategies to the cryptocurrency trading market.

configure exchange

Add the exchange's keys

Deposit or buy coins in a trusted exchange and generate a trading API. We can help setting it up.

setup trading strategies

Customize the investment strategy

Choose an index fund: top market cap, fastest growers, highest technology impact or most stable price. Customize it and we keep them going.

backtest strategies

Backtest the customizations

See how your custom settings would have performed in the past and decide if you want to keep them.

make profits

Witdhraw profits

The assets will re-distribute automatically when the account funds changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

BitFinding started in a closed group of machine learning enthusiasts who were trying a big spectrum of risk strategies in cryptocurrency markets.

How does BitFinding makes money?

We offer premium features and trading strategies at low costs. Among these features, you can use higher granularity backtesting.

Why use BitFinding?

Our algorithms are backtested against data we have been collecting since 2013 from the biggest exchanges. You can also see how your custom settings would have performed in the past.

Is it safe to use Bitfinding?

You provide us a trading API key for the exchange you use. It means that you have to trust your exchange and not us, we cannot widthaw money with a trading API key.

What are the investment risks?

As every investing opportunity, it has its risks. Cryptocurrencies are a volatile market so it is a high risk/high reward market. We have strategies to minimize loses during bear market trends.

Can I widthraw the money at any time?

Yes, the funds are in the exchange you chose and you can extract them whenever you want through the exchange's website.

How much money can I invest?

There is no upper nor lower investing limit. You can configure how much of the money you want invested and how.

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